GTP - Touching Lives Of All Malaysians
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The Government Transformation Programme (GTP) was launched in January 2010 with the aim of providing all Malaysians access to improved public services irrespective of race, religion and region. After its first year of implementation, the various GTP initiatives have shown results that have affected the lives of many across the country and this is reflected in the GTP Annual Report.

As part of delivering Big Results Fast under the GTP, the map above will show that the National Key Results Area (NKRA) initiatives have delivered the intended outcomes and given assistance to the rakyat in the whole country. The NKRAs are:

  • Crime
  • Corruption
  • Rural Basic Infrastructure (RBI)
  • Urban Public Transport (UPT)
  • Low-Income Households (LIH)
  • Education (EDU)

The map has 3 viewing levels that is broken down by country, state, and parliamentary areas.